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Monday Mug Thoughts is a collection of actionable stories and insights written by runners, for runners. We know the grind and have a passion for helping others navigate their running journeys. Get inspired by real people, Gain more knowledge about running, and find the motivation you need to make your week the best one yet.

Who writes Monday Mug Thoughts?

My name is Zack, and I’m a very regular dude. My running journey began in 2016, when my college buddies used to call me “Chunkers.” I was stuck in a period of complacency and did the first thing I thought of to break that: I signed up for a marathon.

That first finish line changed it all for me. I realized that I was capable of so much more than I thought. I went on to do more marathons, ultra marathons, and eventually crossed a full Ironman Triathlon off the bucket list in 2018.

I realized that there is nothing more fulfilling than overcoming yourself. I believe everyone deserves this experience, and believe everyone CAN have this experience. So, I created My First Finish, a platform supporting beginner runners in pursuit of their goals.

Anyone can run a marathon with the right training plan, accountability, and community support. Our aim is to shatter old perspectives, and help as many people as possible realize that they too can do hard things.